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Our History

Concerns about environmental conditions that are increasingly damaged, especially agriculture due to chemical practices, agricultural development that is less able to liberate and prosper farmers, and unfair trade practice, have motivated various Indonesian people to tackle the problem.

From various ideas, field experiences, and the work of regional and global networks, the initiators took the initiative to form associations to strengthen the organic agriculture and fair trade movement.

Organic farming can overcome the problem of environmental marginalization and encourage farmers’ sovereignty. Meanwhile, fair trade practices become a bridge for trade system practices that liberate and prosper farmers and other actors. Therefore, to accommodate these efforts, the Indonesian Organic Alliance was established.

The Indonesian Organic Alliance (AOI) is a civil society organization incorporated as an association, non-profit and independent. AOI was founded in 2002 and currently has 122 members, consisting of 43 NGOs, 26 companies, 16 farmer organizations, and 37 individuals spread across 18 provinces in Indonesia.

AOI was founded in 2002 and currently has 122 members, spread across 18 provinces in Indonesia.






Farmer Organizations




We envision the realization of farmers sovereignty and environmental sustainability,  where Indonesian people also live an organic life.


  1. Protect farmers from oppressive systems.
  2. Encourage the movement and development of organic agriculture and fair trade.
  3. Facilitate organic guarantee services, especially for farmer organizations.
  4. Develop public services in the organic agriculture sector and fair trade.

Values To achieve the realizations of AOI's vision and missions, AOI adheres to the values ​​of


to farmers





for local wisdom


and public accountability

Purpose AOI aims to strengthen and advance the organic agriculture and fair trade movement in Indonesia. Specifically in empowering small farmers through strengthening institutional capacity and management of production quality. In this way, farmers can access better markets. Thus, small farmers will be sovereign and have a better life.

Board of AOI

Kami menghargai dan percaya pada Board, Staff, anggota, dan sukarelawan yang telah bekerja keras, berpengalaman, dan berkomitmen dalam mencapai tujuan organisasi.

Honorary Board of AOI

Representative Council Member of AOI


Board of AOI

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Finances and Accountability

AOI has worked together with our donors and partners to support the work of developing organic farming and fair trade in Indonesia. We are committed to the highest standards of reporting in every work we do.