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Indonesia Towards O(u)rganic

The Indonesian Organic Alliance (IOA) is a civil society organization incorporated as an association, non-profit and independent. Indonesia Organic Alliance has worked since 2002. We work to build organic ecosystem for all, strengthen and advance the organic agriculture and fair trade movement in Indonesia.
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What We Do?

Strengthen the institutional quality and production of smallholders to gain better market access, promote the movement for organic agriculture and fair trade, and strengthen advocacy and national and international networks.

Organic Agriculture

Organic farming is a combination of knowledge, innovation and tradition to create sustainable benefits for the environment and people.

PAMOR Indonesia is an organic participatory guarantee system involving multi-stakeholders including farmers, consumers, traders, cooperatives, non-governmental organizations, government, and other parties.

Expanding organic market access for farmers and strengthening farmer institutions and human resources.

Advocating the creation of organic farming policies that favor farmers and develop national and international networks.

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Membership is open to all farmer's organizations, Non-Government Organizations, Private Sectors, and individuals involved and committed to developing Organic Agriculture in Indonesia.