Marketing Development

Organic market growth in Indonesia continues to increase. This is driven by an increase in people’s purchasing power and reasons for living a healthier life. All over the world organic growth is increasing from year to year. In Indonesia, the organic market growth is around 15-20%. 

Although the trend continues to rise, the main obstacle in marketing organic products that are still faced by farmers and producers is the limited access to organic markets, both nationally and internationally. This limitation is caused by several factors, ranging from organic product qualifications that do not meet market needs, permits and third parties guaranteed for trading organic products, and digital promotion and sales innovations.

AOI encourages fair market access for farmers and producers of organic products by facilitating various training, exhibitions and business meetings with multiple parties and partners.

Organic Processed Food Training

Product innovation is one of the key factors for the continuation of a business. Organic products that are rich in potential owned by farmers require innovation in order to be able to compete in the organic market and meet market needs. The main goal remains to improve the welfare of farmers.

Product processing innovations are carried out to increase organic products, such as processing coconut into Virgin Coconut Oil, Cassava into Modified Cassava Flour, and bananas into banana flour and various other creative products. 

Business Model Training

Business Model Canvas is a management strategy used to design a business plan based on the value proposition, products, infrastructure, customers, and finances. Creating this Business Model aims to help farmers and producers design business process plans and establish important points in the business such as; resources, activities, relationships to be established with related parties, income, to expenses that must be issued. IOA consistently encourages members, especially farmers and NGOs who assist farmer groups, to have an understanding of business models. 

Business Meeting

IOA facilitates business meetings between producers (IOA members) and traders (Members and non-members) to discuss market needs and trends, including product type, quality, quantity, packaging, and price. The goal is to build an organic business ecosystem and business partnerships based on the principles of Organic Agriculture and Fairtrade in accordance with IOA’s vision and mission.

Organic Exhibition

AOI supports promotions for Farmers’ Organizations and NGOs (AOI members) to participate in national and international exhibitions of organic products. Since the beginning, AOI has been consistent in introducing organic products from farmers and NGOs to expand access to organic markets. Organic exhibitions are carried out in collaboration with the central government and other parties involved in the organic market chain, such as the Ministry of Trade, the media, and others. AOI has organized the Bogor Organic Fair (BOF) with various series of events to introduce and educate consumers about organic products.

At the international level, organic products such as coffee, rice, beans, palm sugar, and various other organic derivative products have been exhibited in various countries such as the Biofach Southeast Asia in Thailand, Biofach International in Germany, and organic exhibitions organized by the Indonesia Embassy in London.

Organik Expo
Indonesia Organic Expo in UK, 2018
BIOFACH Thailand, 2019
Bogor Organic Fair
Healthy Living Expo