Production Development

Most of the Farmers’ Organizations and NGOs (AOI members) are still struggling to meet the quality, quantity and continuity of organic products. Difficulties in fulfilling the quality, quantity and continuity of organic products are caused by various factors.

Based on the AOI analysis, Limitations of Organic Farming Land, Organic Farming Cultivation Skills, Cultivation Management and Handling are inhibiting factors that need to be overcome together.

Good Handling Practices and Good Manufacturing Practices

It is very important to understand and implemet the management of organic farming in a professional standard at the farmer and producer level, so that organic products can meet market needs in terms of quantity, quality and continuity. AOI encourages the application of agricultural cultivation management and post-harvest handling in accordance with standards.

Proper cultivation management will create product quality that meets standards, ensuring the calculation of the amount of production and sustainable crop rotation. Good post-harvest handling at the farmer and producer level by applying the Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) can fix the problem of defective products that have burdened farmers or producers so far.

PAMOR Indonesia

PAMOR Indonesia is a participatory guarantee system in organic farming that involves farmers or producers with other parties such as traders, consumers, NGOs, and the government in assessing the quality system according to organic standards. The aim is to provide organic guarantees for local to national markets and prioritize farmer groups.

Young Organic Farmers

IOA encourages organic young farmers by establishing a special training program for young people, namely the Young Organic Farmers Forum. In collaboration with IFOAM Asia, IOA has organized the Organic Youth Forum 2021 in November 2021 on a hybrid event. This forum brings together young farmers, farmer assistants, young academics to become the next actor in developing sustainable organic agriculture.